Rhodium Insurance, how we operate!

Rhodium Insurance Brokers Ltd are Qualified Insurance Brokers, who specialise in the arrangement of insurance and risk management programmes for corporate and commercial clients located throughout the UK.

Rhodium Insurance is committed to the principles of service, integrity and professionalism. We will provide high quality insurance broking services to commercial and corporate clients. Rhodium Insurance differentiates itself by the strength and quality of the relationships that we form with our clients and insurers plus the range of services, innovative solutions, niche markets and products that we can provide.

Our qualified broking team work closely with a wide range of trades and industries; tailoring individual insurance programmes to meet the diverse demands & needs of our commercial clients.

Contact Rhodium Insurance today for more information. You can contact us via telephone 0800 368 9991 or by sending us an email and we will be more than happy to help.